Our Vision

There are many things that we believe makes Bury St Edmunds a great place to live. We want to maintain and cherish what is successful and enjoyed. We also want to create a sustainable new community which delivers real benefits for local people and a distinct place of which people are proud.

Our vision for North East Bury St Edmunds is available to view in the adopted masterplan and includes:

  • High quality development set within three individually designed villages
  • Around 1,250 homes of bespoke design
  • Affordable homes for local people
  • New primary school
  • Local centre providing shops and services to meet everyday needs
  • Open space buffers to protect Great Barton and Cattishall
  • Village greens, allotments, sports facilities, green routes and play areas
  • New bus service to Bury St Edmunds town centre
  • Habitat creation to enhance wildlife
  • Sustainable homes and public buildings
  • New jobs
  • Investment in the local economy and increased patronage of local business